While we endeavor to produce highly accurate, quality email flyer ads, we realize that sometimes mistakes do occur. That’s why we ask you to please carefully review the attached proof of your PushFlyer Email Ad (the “Ad”) and check it for any typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. Additionally, while we make every effort to accurately represent the color and resolution of the images used in the Ad, there can be no assurance, nor can we accept responsibility, for the digital inconsistencies that may result between the proof and the published Ad.


You, the client, acknowledge that it is your responsibility for obtaining permission for use of any copyrighted material, including photos, drawings, and/or other images used in the Ad (“Intellectual Property”). You further acknowledge that PushFlyer is NOT responsible for obtaining such rights and will not be held liable for any copyright infringement claims, should they arise.


If you wish to make changes to the Ad, DO NOT SIGN this document. Instead, please send an email that includes the requested changes to [email protected]. We will make the necessary modifications and respond with a revised proof of the Ad for your review and approval. Please note that two revisions are included in the purchase price of the Ad. Any additional revisions will be charged separately at the rate of $50.00 per iteration.


By applying my signature, I confirm that I have reviewed the attached proof and approve it without any further changes. I hereby authorize the release of the Ad for publication and email transmission. In the unlikely event that mistakes are discovered after the Ad is released, I hereby acknowledge that PushFlyer will not be held responsible for such errors or omissions.