PushFlyer™ for Your Business

PushFlyer™ is a subscription-based, business directory that is uniquely differentiated through its beautiful presentation and feature-rich functionality. Our distinct advantage is realized through our complementary, digital direct-mail marketing program that leverages hyper-local, geo-specific, sponsored email ads to promote local businesses to local residents. We believe the combination of a business directory listing and proactive email marketing campaigns, brought together through PushFlyer™, can produce exceptional results for your business.


1Local Business Directory

PushFlyer™ directory listings are feature-rich and beautiful with each component designed to elegantly communicate relevant information about each business to potential customers. We incorporate best practices in the areas of design, usability and search engine optimization to help improve local search engine rankings and produce higher placement in search results. Each directory listing is designed to deliver brand awareness and online visibility that get businesses noticed.
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2Sponsored Email Flyer Ads

Our sponsored email flyer ads are designed to help businesses to reach targeted audiences, boost their brand awareness, and attract customers. Because PushFlyer™ utilizes shared-cost sponsor ads, we are able to help businesses reach local audiences while sharing the cost of doing it. In conjunction with our email flyer ads, we use geographic and demographic data to place sponsored display ads on Gmail and Yahoo email ad platforms that serve up timely and relevant ads.
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Experience & Expertise

We are a team of experienced marketing professionals with expertise in restaurant, retailing, and hospitality industries. We work with local businesses to create awareness for their brand through our in-house technology platform, strategic partnerships, and an unmatched level of customer service. We are a trusted resource for effective digital marketing services that help our clients acquire and retain customers.

PushFlyer™ Can Help Grow Your Business

We leverage our marketing expertise and industry knowledge to offer a powerful, online business directory and email marketing platform that promotes local businesses. Unlike other online directory resources on the market today, we take a unique and cost-effective approach by combining a subscription-based, directory listing service with a proactive, pay-per-ad email-marketing program to help local businesses increase brand awareness, attract qualified customers, and increase sales.

Integrated Synergistic Solution

Relevant and persuasive experiences are essential to build brand awareness, cultivate customers, and assure profitable growth. PushFlyer™ helps businesses achieve this through the synergistic integration of directory listings and marketing programs.

Dedication, Passion & Experience

Our team is anchored by passionate entrepreneurs and highly-regarded thought leaders who possess extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of retail sales and marketing. Drawing on previous experiences within top-tier organizations, we are uniquely qualified to help grow your business.

Rich, Highly Targeted Email Campaigns

Our email campaigns are strategically designed to reach relevant audiences with the right message at the right time. We target local audiences selected from an aggregated database of 140 million opt-in emails sourced from licensed third-party data providers.

We Deliver Exceptional Results

PushFlyer™ brings together technology, marketing expertise and creative prowess to offer a powerful marketing platform for local businesses that cultivates deeper relationships with target audiences to result in increased awareness, customers and sales.

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