PushFlyer™ Email Flyers — Shared Cost Sponsored Ads

Typical email marketing campaigns cost thousands of dollars to launch and administer. However, because PushFlyer™ utilizes shared-cost sponsor ads, we are able to offer several cost-effective options to fit the budget of most businesses. With our weekly email service, we are able to help businesses reach local audiences while sharing the cost of doing it. COVID-19: Keeping in Touch

“Email marketing return on investment (ROI) is 38:1 on average. It means for every $1 spent on email marketing, brands are earning $38.” (Litmus)

Maximim Visibility & Impact

PushFlyer™ unleashes the power of online marketing by combining highly targeted email campaigns with digital advertising to optimize results and produce successful outcomes. Our email flyer ads combine elements of visual design and technical savvy to maximize visibility and messaging impact. Each email flyer incorporates an aesthetically appealing presentation of sponsored ads with compelling calls to action that link readers directly to their respective website, landing page or PushFlyer™ Business Directory Listing.

Digital Advertising Supplement

We leverage our industry expertise and experience to develop hyper-local, geo-specific email campaigns with high click-through rates that bring highly qualified traffic to websites, landing pages or PushFlyer™ directory listing. We accomplish this by supplementing each email campaign with sponsored Gmail email ads and Yahoo email promotional ads. We use geographic and demographic data to identify ideal customers, where they are engaging, and serve up the right ads at the right time. As a result, qualified visitor traffic is greatly enhanced.

How It Works

On a weekly basis, we send out 50,000 PushFlyer™ Email Flyers to highly targeted consumers within a 10-mile radius of selected market areas. Within each email flyer, we include a responsive, high quality, HTML display of the sponsored ads, each containing a link to the respective business’ website, landing page or PushFlyer™ directory listing. Sponsoring businesses are able to regularly communicate with their audience and keep them informed of any updates, specials, promotions and changes on a weekly basis.

Example Email Flyer

Flexible & Cost Effective Email Campaigns

Because the cost of the email campaigns is shared, businesses are able to stay in touch with their customers without the expense of dedicated marketing programs. Businesses can purchase sponsored ads as little or as frequently as they want, there are no minimums, contracts or commitments. And because we know that advertisements are generally more effective with repeated campaigns, we offer package discounts for purchases of two- or three-week plans.

Campaign Performance Reporting & Directory Listing Tracking

At the conclusion of each campaign, you’ll receive a campaign report, which provides a detailed breakdown of campaign results including the number of email opens, click-throughs, and click-to-open rate (CTOR) percentages. We even provide a percentage breakdown of the type of devices and browsers that were used to view the emails. For businesses that subscribe to our PushFlyer™ Business Directory, they will have access to our stats tool which tracks the number of visitors that viewed their directory listing.

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