PushFlyer™ Helps Businesses Keep in Touch with Target Audience

PushFlyer™ utilizes shared-cost sponsor ads to offer businesses several cost-effective options to communicate with their customers (existing and new) and keep them informed of any changes on a regular basis. With our weekly email service, PushFlyer™ unleashes the power of online marketing by combining highly targeted email campaigns with digital advertising to help businesses succeed.

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Are you a business owner?
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the whole world.
It profoundly changed the way we conduct our everyday lives.
Statewide lockdowns and stay-at-home
orders imposed a devastating effect on the economy and our businesses.
Many businesses have closed forever while others had to make changes in order to survive.
Changes like adjusting their operating hours,
reducing their staff, and introducing
delivery and curb-side pickup.
But without an effective way of communicating
this information to their audiences,
businesses risk losing customers and sales.
Normal marketing and promotion programs
have become virtually ineffective and too expensive to maintain during these uncertain times.
PushFlyer™ solves this problem by offering a weekly email
service that helps businesses reach local audiences
while allowing them to share the cost.
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